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Steering Committee – Where the Decisions of Faith Action are Made

Unit representatives from nine Faith Action Member Units attended a recent online Steering Committee training held on Friday, October 15th, 2021. This training was co-facilitated by Harris UMC Representative, Karen Ginoza, and Faith Action staff organizers, Cassie Chee and Kiki Mills.

The session began with an overview of Faith Action’s mission and values, the foundational underpinnings of our work, and the organizational structure envisioned by our members. This was followed by an in-depth look at the critical functions performed by the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from each member unit, is primarily responsible for guiding the work of Faith Action as its decision-making body. In addition to this, unit representatives are responsible for coordinating a Listening Process with members of their unit, identifying and mentoring potential leaders, and securing committed turnout at meetings and community-led actions. Most importantly, unit representatives serve as the link between Faith Action and its membership base. If you are interested in volunteering with Faith Action, your unit representative will make sure that happens!

The training concluded with an engaging discussion about the Listening Process. Listening Processes occur at the unit level. The outcomes from these processes are what steering committee members bring when they come together; and they become the premises on which the priorities of Faith Action are based. Along with a mutual exchange of ideas amongst attendees, several unit representatives shared how they facilitated past Listening Processes in their units. All unit representatives present for this training committed to planning a Listening Process for their respective units within the next year.

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