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Faith Action Seeks New Director

After over a year without staff and discerning new ways to go about our mission to "act justly and speak boldly," Faith Action is ready to hire a full-time Director for the organization. If you have a passion for people, engaging with diverse communities, and empowering others to act for justice, we hope you will consider applying!

Position Description: Director, full time with benefits


The Director will be an energetic, experienced, visionary leader capable of guiding and growing our organization in its next phase. S/he they will have broad responsibility in the following areas. The Director will report to the FA Executive Board. The Director will provide monthly reports on fulfillment of duties and time spent. The percentage listed at the beginning of each section represents the expectations the Board will have for the position but can change based upon a majority vote of the Board. Preference for someone who has skills, experiences, interest in all three areas, but at minimum the candidate should be willing to learn the job areas. Preference for someone who has experience/interest in faith-based advocacy. Preference for someone who is willing to take on other responsibilities as directed by the Board while managing workload so as to not exceed 40 hours per week.

1. Operational Leadership 30%

  • Skill set: Strong organizational skills, money management skills, promptness, willingness to lead the organization and leadership skills

  • Maintain the day-to-day management and operation of Faith Action

    • Stay in regular communication with bookkeeper and CPA (esp. during tax time)

    • Open check envelopes and give to treasurer for scanning and deposit

    • Complete Expense Report, Parking Charge Notes and Mileage forms and submit to bookkeeper monthly

    • Register all staff as lobbyists yearly (with both city and state), track lobbying activities consistently and collect and submit reports for all staff by deadlines

    • Prepare agenda for all Board, Clergy Caucus, Steering Committee and Delegated Council meetings as well as meetings with public officialso Respond to all emails and phone calls within 24-48 hours

    • Meet regularly with Board members and other leaders to discuss the needs of the organization and set priorities, identify next steps

  • Act as a professional advisor to the Board(s) and other leaders on all aspects of the organization's activities

    • Strategize with Board and leaders on how to carry out goals in ways that stay true to organizing principles and values of leadership development

  • Conduct official correspondence on behalf of/jointly with the Board as appropriate, and representing the organization with leaders at community activities to strengthen the organization's community profile

    •  Attend community events, meetings, hearings and actions related to Faith Action’s work and issue campaigns

2. Liaison and Alliance Building 50%

  • Facilitate communication between various stakeholders in the Oahu community

    • Skill set: Strong communication and liaison skills, ability to communicate effectively with people from various backgrounds, educational levels and ethnicities, high energy, comfortable with group and individual face-to-face meetings

  • Maintain and deepen relationships in multi-racial, multi-faith communities

    • Planning yearly Leadership Retreats

    • Work with Board and clergy in planning events

  • Work with leaders to build relationships with elected officials, policy leaders and other strategic allies while remaining non-partisan and holding them accountable when necessary

  • Represent Faith Action at community events

  • Encourage engagement assist in cultivating relationships with potential new organizations

    • Meet with clergy and/or their leaders and/or make presentations to churches and other non-profits or groups that have potential for membership in Faith Action

  • Work closely with Board and other leaders to help Faith Action reach its fullest potential in developing leaders who successfully lead strategic issue campaigns at the local and state levels.

    • Work closely with leaders, staff, interns, and volunteers in ensuring that sign-ups, phone calls and reminders are being done prior to all organizational meetings, actions and other events for successful turnout

    • Help to nurture and develop the advocacy skills of our Board members, clergy, task force chairs and new and emerging leaders within Faith Action’s task forces. Provide opportunities for them to expand their skills in public meetings, legislative actions and meetings with community and business leaders

    • Work with leaders in planning organizational meetings, events and actions o Prep all leaders and staff involved in organizational meetings

3. Fundraising 20%

  • Skill set: Budget management skills, willingness to learn grant support strategies, delegation of task skills, accountability skills

  • Manage Faith Action's budget and develop a strategic plan to continue its successful expansion

  • Work with Fundraising and Grants Committee to develop fundraising strategy

  • Work with grants consultant (if this person is on staff)

  • Manage existing grants while developing a plan to expand and diversify Faith Action funding and financial capacity

    • Build relationships with current and potential funders, both local and mainland

  • Secure resources from individuals, businesses and foundations through grants, Investment Drive, solicitations, events, and other means

    • Conduct Investment Drives (Corporate and Unit) each year

    • Provide 3 Unit Drive training for members in May and update materials

    • Collect checks and cash from investors and give to treasurer for scanning and sending digital copies to Unit Investment Drive chair for recording

    • Compose and send invitation and follow-up and thank you letters to corporate investors

    • Compose unit investment acknowledgement letter for Assistant Director to print and send by the beginning of January (the following year)

  • Work with the board and staff to maintain financial stability of the organization

    • Collaborate with Treasurer, Board and Grants Committee to maintain financial stability and create realistic budgets each year.

Application deadline for serious consideration is April 1, 2024, but applications after the deadline will be considered until the position is filled. A complete application consists of a letter of interest which should include faith orientation and a current resume.

Please send application to:

Faith Action Board

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