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Steering Committee: Unit Representatives Meet & Lead

Oct., 6, 2020

Unit representatives voted unanimously to establish a Communications standing committee in Faith Action’s structure, at the Sep. 30, 2020 Steering Committee meeting.

The period of COVID made evident a need for coordinated and timely messaging to our members in order to continue our effectiveness. So in April, the ad hoc communications committee was formed, an outgrowth of the HousingNow! legislative committee. Besides sending weekly messages, the committee provided training in ways to communicate with members of their units. Unit reps were later surveyed on how effective the messaging has been and how to improve it for their units’ use. Focus groups are being planned.

The following are other reports presented to the Steering Committee:

  1. Executive Committee: President Evie Hao said the Committee is working on a Handbook to flesh out the Bylaws. The handbook will include descriptions, policies and procedures.

  2. Financial Report: Treasurer Jon Davidann reported FA is financially viable this year because of grants and CARES subsidies.

  3. Unit Investment Drive: Bill Bekemeier, VP for Laity, reminded all that the drive has already begun with most units pledging almost a total of $15, 000. Drive runs Sept. 19-Oct. 31.

  4. Environmental Justice: Chair Matt Geyer emphasized the strong connection among climate change, social justice, and equity. A healthy environment is vital to the future of our children.

  5. Long-Term Care: Chair Clementina Ceria-Ullep said the Ibasho: Aging in Place project In Hawaii is still being pursued and will be worked on when circumstances allow. The June 13 training workshop was well attended.

  6. Living Wage: Co-Chairs Rev. Sam Domingo and Rev. Neal McPherson said this Task Force was interrupted by the closing of the legislature.  They now look to the possibility of looking into how FA can affect COVID Recovery.

  7. HousingNow!: Webinars on how the housing crisis is being approached around the nation and world, and FA’s activity in the Kawainui Affordable Housing project was were described by Chair Keith Webster.

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