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Let’s Celebrate Faith Action’s 25 Years

Dear Friends,

Faith Action for Community Equity will arrive at a major milestone –and

we want you to be a part of this great moment.

This July marks Faith Action’s 25th anniversary. Its beginning was formed

when multiple faith communities came together and essentially declared,

“We must get to the root causes of injustices—the brokenness -- we see in

our communities.” This meant mobilizing hundreds of volunteers to be a part of the public decision-making processes that determine who will have a decent home, who will find a job with a living wage, who will receive a quality education, who will live in a healthy life-affirming environment.

Now is the time to celebrate our accomplishments through Faith Action.

Volunteers have stepped up to plan this celebration which will come in two


Part I (July/August/Sept 2021): Celebrate by reviewing Faith Action’s inspiring history and accomplishments through videos and webinars. We need expertise to create these products.

Part II (November 2021) : Depending on COVID’s status, celebrate

in person with music, video, entertainment, food, and merriment. We

need event planners here.

We invite you to join the planning committee or help with a specific part of

the celebration. Committee members currently include: Kathy Jaycox,

Karen Ginoza, Patrick Zukemura, Deanna Espinas, Sam Domingo, Christy

MacPherson, and Kiki Mills. Contact anyone on the committee or e-mail

Evie Hao at if you would like to help in any way.

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