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Finding God in the Silence

The Book of Kings tells us that Elijah heard God not in the wind, nor in the earthquake, nor in the fire . . .but in a whisper. Reverend Jonathan Roach, Associate Conference Minister of the United Church of Christ, builds on that inspiration in this prayer about the way creation praises God.

I asked a bird: will you pray for me?

Will you pray for me?

I asked a sparrow, an LBJ, a little brown job

I asked an albatross . . .her name is Wisdom from


I asked a vulture soaring on weak wings.

All I got was silence . . .

Powerful silence: not quiet, not the absence of noise

But real silence

Silence that hums with strength and power

Loud silence like Elijah experienced

Grab you by the soul silence.

I begged my siblings, carry my prayers where I can’t go

I can’t fly; I have no feathers; I have no wings.

I asked the nēnē who was walking

I asked a honeycreeper who had forgotten how to sing

its song

I asked a finch who had flown through a rainbow.

All I got was silence . . .

Silence that builds mountains

Silence that’s woven through the DNA of the Big Bang

Silence that is as vital as the air in my lungs.

They say blackbirds still gather to pray at the grave of

Their friend: St. Kevin

I hope I am worthy of their prayers.

I have ministry to do . . .

I will pray with my eyes wide open.

Will you pray for me?

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