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Faith Action one-on-one updates

By Faith Action Organizer Cassie Chee

At the start of 2021 our Faith Action staff and some of our Board members began having one-on-one meetings with all Steering Committee representatives from each member unit. The purpose is to learn more about how each unit has been doing, and to get feedback about issues members are interested in. The findings will be shared at the next Steering Committee meeting so that we have a better sense of the needs in our community.

While each church has its own unique stories, a few common things emerged from many of the congregations so far. One common story is that many churches have been resilient to adapt and worship and minister to one another and their communities during this time. However, many miss both the fellowship of gathering on Sundays for worship and the fellowship of gathering during Faith Action meetings and actions. Some issues that members have identified as important are homelessness, racial justice, affordable housing, and criminal justice reform.

This pandemic has offered us as Faith Action, an opportunity to regroup and look back at our history as well as discern who we are becoming. Octavia Butler writes, “everything you touch you change, everything you change changes you, God is change”. As much is changing in Hawai’i and in our world, we must listen and adapt to continue to meet the needs of our community.

If you would like to give feedback or have ideas about what issues we should be addressing, please reach out to Cassie Chee, our Organizer, to meet.

Your opinions and your stories are powerful because you are what makes Faith Action strong.

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