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Priorities of Faith Action’s HousingNOW! Task Force

Faith Action’s HousingNOW! Task Force is in the pre-mobilization stages of organizing for Faith Action’s priority issue. The Steering Committee set the direction for us to begin coalition building and scoping to support the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands in their missions to deliver housing for native Hawaiians. Please stay tuned.

The other issues gaining the attention of HousingNOW! include the Aloha Stadium Redevelopment plans and a tax on vacant homes.

Housing NOW! has a vision for the approximately 40 acres of the Aloha Stadium site that are not needed for the stadium itself. Thousands of affordable housing units for residents would be integrated with housing for all income levels in a mixed-use, walkable, transit-oriented district that optimizes environmental sustainability.

The vacant homes tax has been gaining attention at the City and County of Honolulu. This proposal is targeted at creating a disincentive for real estate speculation by issuing a tax on residential property that sits vacant without a long-term renter or owner occupant. The tax would motivate owners of vacant residential property to lease their units to long-term renters or to sell. The tax revenue could subsequently be directed toward a fund for developing new affordable housing. Visit KHON2’s website to see the recent news about the issue:

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