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2020 Honolulu Mayoral Election

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Faith Action hosted a Mayoral Accountability Assembly on July 11, 2020 to ask the Honolulu mayoral candidates to commit to actionable solutions in the areas of Affordable Housing, Economic Equity and Environmental Justice. Candidates also responded to a written questionnaire regarding Public Health, Safety, Homelessness and the Rail.

Faith Action is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and does not endorse or promote political candidates. 

Watch full live recording of Faith Action's 'Mayoral Accountability Assembly'

Click below to view Rick Blangiardi's responses:


Click below to view Kym Pine's responses:

Click below to view Choon James' responses:


Click below to view Colleen Hanabusa's responses:


Click below to view Keith Amemiya's responses:


Click below to view Ho Yin (Jason) Wong's responses:


Click below to view William 'Bud' Stonebracker's responses:


Click below to view Duke Bourgoins's responses:

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