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Prayers for Kapūkakī: Event Recap

by Kiki Mills, Faith Action Organizer

Prayer is a powerful tool for connection and growth. Praying can help us deal with our anxieties and emotions and creates a space for us to change what we can, and often to find hope in the darkest times. Prayer can also help us with overwhelming situations, such as the current water contamination crisis at Red Hill.

In the early morning hours of March 22nd, Faith Action began its observance of World Water Day with “Prayers for Kapūkakī”, a 20-hour prayer service for the permanent shut down and safe defueling of the tanks at Kapūkakī (Red Hill). The event was held virtually and ran continuously from 4 am – 12 pm.

Over 20 faith leaders from diverse spiritual traditions volunteered to lead attendees in a time of intention and prayer centered on the sacredness of water. Some leaders chose to share thought-provoking readings and meditations, while others opted to sing, recite poems, or show video clips. Prayer leaders also provided regular opportunities for attendees to share their own thoughts, feelings, and reflections.

Despite the range in styles of prayer and worship, salient universal themes persisted throughout the day. First, water is essential to life. Second, protecting water is a sacred act. Finally, as people of faith, it is our sacred duty to protect our most precious resource for present and future generations. These three themes converged to create a beautiful rendering of the power of prayer, evidenced by the notable increase in rain every day since the event!

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