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A Message from Faith Action's President, Ikaika Hussey

This is a very important time for our organization. It is a time of tremendous flux

and change, as we saw in the national elections and the extraordinary changes

in Congress. And while 2020 and 2021 are showing themselves to be full of

portent, we also know from the scientific community that we are at the beginning

of a monumental decade, in which we need to institute major changes in order to

maintain the habitability of this planet with which we have been entrusted.

This is, simply, an important moment. And I believe Faith Action can play a very

important role.


Because there is no other organization that can speak with a spiritual and moral

voice on the impending issues of our day. Policy discussions are spiral-bound by

rationality, data, and clear argument. And then they come crashing into the walls

of established power and entrenched interests, locked (as they are now) behind

the doors of a vaulted building on Beretania Street that is closed to the public. 

Sometimes the only force which can pierce those gates is the clarion call of truth,

of right, of moral and spiritual authority. Confronted with the simple, irreducible

fact of moral righteousness, we are all equal – the banker and the pauper, the

developer and the houseless, the retiree and the newborn inheriting an unstable

and changing world.

I’ve shared with many of you the frustration I felt as a middle-schooler at a church

retreat in Kalihi. We had watched a graphic, heart-wrenching video about poverty

in the Global South. After the presentation ended, the leader of the discussion

said the proper response, when confronted by the evidence of injustice, is to

pray. I said no – we must take action. This is the organization I needed 30 years

ago, and I’m glad that it – that we – are here, today.

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