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Mahalo for joining us in front of OCCC to remember the 23 people who lost their lives in 2021 while incarcerated in Hawaiʻi as well as those who continue to suffer while held in Hawaiʻiʻs prisons and jails. We demand that the Department of Public Safety release the causes of these deaths to the public.

Last year 23 people died while incarcerated in Hawaiʻi, the highest number of deaths recorded in the past decade. 

Learn More About Incarceration in Hawaiʻi


Prisons and jails are dangerous, especially during a pandemic, for those being caged there. This year Faith Action is working to eliminate the use of cash bail. As of April 11, 2022 32% of of the 2,958 people incarcerated in Hawaiʻi are being detained pre-trial. This means that they are innocent in the eyes of the law and must stay in jail just because they can not afford to pay their bail. Learn more about cash bail in Hawaiʻi here or by listening to some video interviews of our community members that have been directly impacted by incarceration.

This is one way among many we can prevent the needless deaths and suffering of those incarcerated.

Quote Aubree K-aloha from one of the interviews on Reimagining public safety that you can find on our youtube channel.

Take Action!

Right now we are trying to pass meaningful bail reform. HB 1567 has made it through the House and Senate and now must go to Conference Committee.

Please call or email Senate President Kouchi and Speaker of the House Saiki and request that they appoint a conference committee on HB1567 HD1 SD1 and let them know you support the bill in its current form, HB1567 HD1 SD1.

Sen. Ronald Kouchi
District 8: Kauaʻi, Niʻihau
Phone: (808) 586-6030

Rep. Scott K. Saiki
District 26: McCully, Kāheka, Kakaʻako, Downtown
Phone: (808) 586-6100

Email us at to get updates and resources on how to take action.

Keep an eye on the Faith Action Calendar for links to our meetings and events! Drop into our Zoom meetings and educational events at any time!  We meet every other week on Wednesdays.  And return to this page often for more about our events, opportunities, and actions to be taken!

Please feel free to reach out to the Transformative Justice Task Force with questions and/or willingness to partner:

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